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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Post #100

I have often noticed the "100th" of many things are celebrated.  Plenty of entities celebrate their "centennial year" and when someone reaches their 100th birthday, it is still a rarity, though less so these days.

Weekly episodic TV celebrates a 100th episode as the point at which the show is available for syndication and deals are made for large sums of money.

Lists of popular songs are often 100 songs long, no matter the genre.

I took the opportunity to mark my 100th post by looking back to my first post through the last post of 2008.  I wanted to do something I don't recall any other blog doing - offering follow up to stories / entries previously posted.

My "wtf was I thinking?" post: November 25, 2008.
I take comfort in knowing some of my favorite blogs, like Pharyngula and Jesus' General, have over 4,000 posts in the course of several years.  So, I've got lots of time to improve.

I think my first post did a good job of stating the purpose of this blog.  While I am still in job search mode, I don't have many answers to the questions I asked, so I have a ways to go.

Here are some updates:

December 7:  (I wrote two postings that day, so click on the "December 7" link then scroll about 3/4ths the way down the screen).   The "Kopbuster" site is up and running and offering its first episode as a download or stream.  Regarding HR676, here is an article from January 16, 2009 from a source I did not expect.

December 9.   The company was mentioned in another article written January 8, 2009. Hopefully the stimulus bill in the House of Representatives now will find a little money to help this company out.  On a personal note, I was able to find my story as one of the first 10 pages listed in a Google Search -- that was the first time that's happened to me. How exciting !

December 15.  There's an award ceremony which took place tonight which, when the cameras were off, may have likely been an ugly place to have been.

December 16.   I wish I had an update on this one, but I guess this type of court case takes a while to show its effects

December 19.   This should teach me never to make another "absolutely no" promise again.  I lasted only three days before I broke the promise

December 27.  What were we all so worried about? This guy's prayer at the Inauguration was the least remarkable.  Far better were the prayer offered by Bishop Robinson on the prior Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial and the benediction offered by Rev. Lowrey on Inauguration Day.

December 31 post.   On January 23, 2009, there is an interview between John Dean and Philippe Sands talking about the legal issues around "..American Torturers (in the U.S.) and Abroad"

January 15 post.   A snarky update on what I thought was a good idea.  It will still be the President's call as to what he can work on and what he needs to table, but I suppose these sorts of stories/comments would come eventually. 

It has taken me 63 days to get to this post and it has been an interesting journey overall.  For the most part, I seem to write much the way I speak - pretty even keeled most of the time, scattered every now and then and always wanting to know more.

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