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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The real news in the white house

As we have a lot of other folks documenting all the mass insanity being reported today (not referencing any of it here on purpose - it's a world wide web and we all know how to find out what else is happening), I'm going to focus on the "frivolous"

Word is the Obamas have picked interior designer Michael S Smith to re-do the living quarters in the White House.  I checked Mr. Smith's site for photos of past decorating jobs and absolutely LOVED what I saw!  The man's got a crazy talent for using antique/antique-styled furniture to create a good looking space in which a family can live.

Once again, Slate (who is a good source for more hard-hitting stories, too) provides the details on past decorating projects and their funding.  Given that it's been some time since two grade-school aged children have lived in the White House and there's a noticeable difference in style between Laura Bush and Michelle Obama, it's nice to read that at least the living quarters are getting a redesign.

Can't wait to see what other redesign for the better is coming up.  Less than 6 days to go !

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