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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Something beautiful

The "honesty" project marches on.  So far, I've reviewed current U.S. Senators from Alabama to Indiana and have found three I consider "honest".  Once I've finalized my list of Senators, I'll post them here and continue on to the House.

While I press on with the research and find time to rest to rid myself of a nasty cold,  I just finished watching the latest episode of Spectacle on the Sundance Channel. Anyone who enjoys music of any sort can find something to love about Tony Bennett. In to his 80's and he is still one of the best singers alive today.  Click here to view a clip of his performance from that show of the song "The Way You Look Tonight" (click here for lyrics -- it is possible the lyrics in the performance are slightly different from the ones you'll see here. Such is the way this goes with performances.)

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