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Friday, January 23, 2009

Report to big-wigs in the U.S. Catholic Church

My thanks to The General for setting me on the path to this report.   The General's post on this, as is usually the case, is hilarious.

True to my promise somewhere in this blog, I am trying, as much as possible, to source actual publications and not a blog which references the publication.

So, I went from the General's site to Pam's House Blend to 365Gay to doing a Google Search for a report referenced in each of these three sites.  The report itself is dated 12/15/08 and, for much of this 19 pages, is full of observations from a team of officials and lay people within the Catholic Church regarding seminaries and the process of educating new priests.

Each of the websites focuses on just a paragraph or two within the report regarding ".. the area of morality, that some seminaries had suffered in past decades.", then uses "homosexual behavior" repeatedly in that paragraph to illustrate the paragraph's thesis. (just search for the phrase "homosexual behavior" within the document to see for yourself).

While I liked The General's approach to digesting this, I am not surprised by the way "homosexual behavior" is mentioned.  The attitude is still, unfortunately, that behavior is the issue.  No where is it mentioned that seminary students who identify as gay (the reports only mention men) are in trouble -- it's just about the behavior.

Nearly twenty pages of chatter which basically urges returns to the way new priests are trained.  Wasn't the old way of doing things what caused all the trouble in the first place?

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