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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Second trip around and some follow up

First, the follow up:

I went to the GLBT help site I wrote about earlier today.  This may be a good resource; however, I didn't see anything saying any mental health professional was available to callers or e-mailers (peer counseling was all I found).  Phone volunteers are only available afternoons and evenings during the business week and for a few hours on Saturdays.  I hope the ad in The Advocate helps expand those hours.

Also, they have two physical locations - San Francisco and NYC.  Not really an issue as there are toll-free phone numbers and e-mail.  I hope with the increased use of the service that perhaps the phone system can be expanded to permit others to volunteer by phone or on-line from anywhere in the U.S.

OK - it just sounds like something I'd enjoy doing for a few hours a month and I'm quite a ways away from either locale.

Trip 'round the blogosphere AGAIN ?!?:  OK, aside from Randy's Blog, for which I can't be very objective as he's a good friend of mine and he is always challenging my thought process, there are two "must read" blogs these days:  The Mudflats and Jesus' General (I'll make sure both are listed to the left).  

Mudflats, as always, is a very insightful and well written look at politics in the "small yet large" state of Alaska and with a recent VP candidate from Alaska chatting for over 9 minutes on web video, there is so much to write about.  

Jesus' General has devoted the last few posts to a unique outpost of organized religion here in the U.S.  I cannot stop laughing and I have never visited, via the postings, an ultra-conservative church's website and its connected blogs so often in all my time on the 'net.

Enjoy !

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