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Monday, January 19, 2009

Like a new car price sticker

Courtesy of CrooksandLiars.com, a column by Eric Boehlert has been posted at mediamatters.org about the estimated cost of tomorrow's Inauguration.  Check out the article -- I suggest careful reading of the last 25% of the article where the author illustrates the spin placed on the reporting of tomorrow's Inauguration versus the one we had four years ago, which was supposed to be a "scaled back version" of the one in 2001.

While both the sites above are best known for their liberal leanings, it is that last quarter of the article that cuts through all the hooey.

While I'm looking forward, as a political junkie, to all the events and decisions to be made this week, I am also looking forward to cutting through hooey as often as possible.  

I'll pledge to post something that stops the spin, the hype and whatever hooey gets shoveled out, no matter from what direction.

and, yeah, I'll have a couple more party tunes picked and posted.  Yeah-hoo !!! 

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