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Monday, January 5, 2009

The slowest get back to work day EVER

OK, maybe not EVER.  But, for the first Monday of the New Year, when most M-F 9-5ers are back to work, my upstairs neighbors have been oddly silent so far today (it is quite normal to hear lots of bumps, bangs, clangs and thumps from above throughout the day).  

TV today has been entirely uninteresting:  Perez Hilton on the View was surprisingly safe and dull - he even stopped dyeing his hair unnatural colors.  News today has been mostly about following Barack Obama around Washington D.C., including still photos of his daughters' first day at school (I just don't care at all and sincerely hope today was the last time I see/hear/read anything about his daughters.  I went to a few new schools as a child and that in itself is stressful enough.)

Employers are just starting to list all of the jobs they want to fill.  The last two weeks of job hunting has been like deer traipsing through the woods looking for leaves to eat in the dead of winter.  Like I do every day I check the job postings, I did submit applications at several employers.  This process was so monotonous I have no recollection of where my applications went and cannot recall the new job posting site at which I posted my resume (though I will see e-mails from them daily).

The "honesty" research will continue later today.  I've gone through the Senators from A to Maine and I'm still not sure what I'll conclude when I'm done.

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