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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reaching out to the neighbors

In my time in between gown commentary, interior design critique, financial bailout investigations and job hunting, I consider myself a VERY amateur astronomer.

That's why this news is more exciting that I could express (but I'll try)! While it will be amazing to discover an Earth-like world somewhere in our galaxy, my guess is that the next step will be trying to figure out if life exists in this Earth-like world.  

As it is, the potential for life exists in our own solar system, and not just under the surface of Mars.  I caught the tail end of an episode of "The Universe" on the History Channel (yeah, I know -- whatever is planet hunting doing on a History Channel . . oh, well) last night which illustrated this new orbiting telescope and outlined how the search for Earth-like planets outside of our solar system has gone so far.

Would be nice to get more folks interested in this.  I'll definitely be watching March 5!

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