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Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick Takes

Lots of political news out there and good writing to peruse.  Here's a sample of the writing and my "quick takes" on each

Gene Robinson tapped to say a prayer at the Inauguration.  This should satisfy most in the LGBT community who are still sore over Rick Warren being tapped to give the Invocation.  I'm perfectly fine and pleased that whomever sees Robinson deliver the prayer will see not a gay man saying this prayer; they'll see a messenger of God delivering a blessing.

President GW Bush's press conference from this morning.   Eight days left in his administration and the President decides to defend his administration's most controversial decisions and continued to try reframing the results so it appears he did his best every time.  This is no surprise to me.  The emotion in his voice was more visible than ever.  I had guessed that GW Bush would, one day, consent to an interview with someone perceived as a "softball interviewer" but would do the work needed to ask difficult questions that would illicit the closest thing to a confession we would ever get (think: David Frost interviewing Nixon years after Nixon's resignation).

While the semi-confession came from Nixon over three years after the end of his presidency - I am willing to bet it will take far less than three years before we are given the satisfaction we need over getting GW Bush to convey genuine remorse and/or regret, permitting the forgiveness we'll need to give him one day in order for our country to move forward.

Hubble found something new.  Fascinating article and I love that we'll continue to find things we cannot explain and will explain things we keep finding AND we'll soon have a President who will be far more likely to let the truth of so many more scientific discoveries see the light of day, unfiltered through politics

www.pjtv.com.  Registration to view the video clips is free (no sacrificing a calf or a first born, unlike what you might think) and watching that infamous unlicensed plumber grumble out his opinions to his boss is just chock full of funny and head-shaking moments.


The View becomes . . well . . like cats in a burlap sack.  No transcription yet and I pity the person who has to sort out all of the cross-talk to figure out who said what. I watched the show's conservative co-host, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, to see if she stays silent, supports Coulters account of the facts used in her book or does the peculiar thing of confronting Coulter on Coulter's assertions.   That is truly the most interesting part of this melee.

I'm off to a nap to battle off a three-day off and on headache and a sour stomach.  Oddly, none of the above caused my physical distress.  Once I reset, I cannot wait to see if I get lucky and find out who got what amounts of money in the $290-$350 billion government "loan" to financial institutions.

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