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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Metalhead the Journalist?

I've been unemployed since October 29, 2008, so stories about someone getting a new job are affecting me a little differently than they would had I not been laid off.  I would have attempted a snarky pun or joke about Joe the Plumber getting a new job with pjtv.com; however, I am delighted that Mr. Wurzelbacher has new employment and will have a ten day, who-knows-what expenses paid trip to the Gaza/Israel border so he can start on his new vocation.

As I am not a plumber who is not licensed as a plumber, have never been on John McCain's Straight Talk Express (and that bus never would've kept its name had I stepped foot on it) and have never gone on camera regarding anything political, it looks like my resume would not be a good fit at pjtv.com.  Plus, I would've nit-picked during the employment interview that one of the site's pages had misspelled its most famous conservative pundit's first name --- and I'm sure that would not have won over any of the staff.

So, like the kind people at Crooksandliars.com, I too will be "bookmarking his site" and can't wait to take in what Joe has to offer.  Perhaps I'll pick up a couple of tips on how I could get started on a fantastic journey of my own !

On the other hand, I think I've had my fill of first-hand witness to conflict.  Maybe I'll find someplace that's taking guesses on how long the trip will actually last, if this deal goes through at all.

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