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Friday, January 30, 2009

These women ROCK !

Just saw this article on Raw Story.  After a week full of politicians from Blagojevich to Boehner and all of their hi jinx, it was so uplifting to read and watch the stand which one Congresswoman and one homeowner are taking about the insanity of the flipping and chopping and repackaging of notes which lead to our country's economic mess.

Please play the video clip from CNN at the bottom of the Raw Story article to get the full flavor of the play that was made on the particular homeowner and how Congresswoman Kaptur is trying to address the issue which appears to be occurring more often to her constituents.

Here is the Congresswoman's web page with more information on what homeowners in her district can do to help themselves with mortgage/foreclosure issues.   Way to go !!

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