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Friday, December 19, 2008

From now through Christmas Day . . .

 . . . I am promising to avoid posting entries in this blog regarding, relating to, adjacent to or in any way shape or form regarding politics -- whether it's national, statewide, county, city or even dog catcher.

Thanks to a conversation with a friend I had earlier this evening, it's come to my attention that I am spending entirely too much time diving into all things political.  When I watched an MSNBC show earlier tonight talking about Rick Warren and found my blood pressure sky rocketing at some of the things this man had to say about homosexuality, my friend and I came to the conclusion that we both need to diversify our breadth of knowledge and infuse some variety into our conversations.

We've been chatting for months and, much to my delight, our conversations usually fall in and out of the two things which do not make for polite conversation: religion and politics.

While swearing off religion would be next to impossible for me, I am going to avoid posting on politics until after 12/25/08.

As a nice way to start a week-long series of posts on other things, that same MSNBC host interviewed an amazing photographer, Annie Leibovitz (click here for a good sample of work she did for Vanity Fair).  I know next to nothing about photography, except for knowing what I like.  I enjoy photos where subjects are framed, lighting evokes some kind of emotion, and the subject draws your attention, but not without gathering cues from the rest of the photo.

The grey square at the top left corner of this blog page is a sample of my photography skills.  For a photographer, I'm a terrific writer!  However, I stand no chance of improving my photography skill if I never take another photo.  So, I tried another photo that "spoke to me" and may well replace the "birds on wires" photo I have.
Replace it with this photo or keep shooting?

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Randy said...

Keep shooting. That pic looks interesting.

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