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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What I've been reminded of so far today

Above all, in the blogosphere, top of the list of "things one needs to know" is to have a HUGE list of blogs listed on your own blog.

As you might have noticed, my own list is, well, paltry in comparison.

I have, though, added a blog to my list today.  I like to read a few posts to see if I feel the same as I did when I first viewed it.  With Jesus' General, I'm now a big fan with this post from today.  I could not stop giggling first in humor then in horror.

I know I'm not as funny as the General, so I'm not going to try.  God bless the General for lifting up the rock and pointing to the scurrying things found under that rock!

Speaking of the spiritual, Deepak Chopra was on yesterday's Ellen.  I'm not the biggest Deepak fan, but I can definitely get behind the website and the vow which was mentioned indirectly during the interview.  I signed on to this pledge a while back and have likely broken the vow way too many times to count (in thought . . did you think I was supplementing my unemployment checks with street fighting?); however, the exercise of reaffirming the vow regularly is better than continuing to think and act as I've done before.

I'm sure the whole "peace & love" thing will pay off more in the long run . . either that or I'll have to get pissed off at someone.   Oh, crap . . back I go. 

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