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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All around the blogosphere for 1/6/09

The biggest challenge I have when posting a blog entry is to write about something that hasn't been written about yet or to provide a fresh perspective on a topic that's been blogged into pumpkin butter.

So, I skipped around the 'net and checked in on a few of my favorite blogs and even took a base-jump into the Fox News website.

Fox News: I was so curious to see if, as I have seen noted tongue-in-cheek in many a blog lately, Bill O'Reilly's head had already "exploded" at the news of Al Franken's certification as winner of Minnesota's U.S. Senate campaign.  A visit to O'Reilly's Fox News page shows a link to a Wall Street Journal Opinion piece on Franken's election.  The column does not list who wrote it, unfortunately.  The writer's opinion, written about twelve hours before the Minnesota Canvassing Board certified Franken as the election's winner, noted that most of the rulings issued during the two month vote count were in favor of Franken and it is no surprise that Franken won because of this.  

Though I was not able to find any summary on-line of judgments and how each ruling favored and to what extent each candidate was favored, the Minnesota Star Tribute has a nifty "do it yourself" center with some scanned-in contested votes and some basic data on challenged ballots and vote count totals.  Coleman is well within his right to challenge the Canvassing Board's results, but I cannot figure out at this point how he hopes to change the vote total to favor himself.

One of my favorite blogs from last year had an adorable post earlier today about new Senator Mark Begich, President-Elect Obama and a sweet, feel-good photo.  The blogger, in true blogger tradition remaining unnamed, really has a talent for getting involved in the postings and effortlessly blending personal observation and compelling writing.  Check the other postings itself for a first-hand look at one of the most fascinating states in the Union for politics.

No news posted yet on the L.A County Sherrif's site on what was happening around the corner yesterday.  Whatever happened to cause six patrol cars, a motorcycle and a helicopter to circle around 24 hours ago has not yet been reported in any of the local news sites or anywhere.  It may be a few days before anything is posted, if at all.  I'll write something up once I find it.

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