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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bangkok vs. Avatars

Balance in all things.

This simple sentence evokes an Eastern religious/philosophical frame of mind.  Balance, though, can be seen throughout most every religion, around our planet and beyond.  My commitment to staying balanced, at least as far as topics go, is in the description of this blog.

With this in mind, I am drawn to two stories this morning.  The first regarded protests for and against Thailand's government which shut down the airport (click this sentence to read the full article).  Having recently strolled through downtown Los Angeles recently to retain attention to the No vote on Proposition 8, the notion of a considerably smaller group of people effectively sealing off the city of Bangkok is shocking. I cannot even imagine the level of frustration their citizens must feel with their government to organize something so dramatic.

I was also absorbed by an article posted on MSNBC about avatars.  I'm not sure what that says about me that I was as equally drawn to both stories this morning. I do spend a good amount of time these days playing on Pogo.com, where players are encouraged to create and decorate"minis" (aka avatars), but I cannot bring myself to say that I "dress" or "accessorize" my mini.

For now, I file both of these stories away for future reference.  When we organize an avatar protest which ties up the nation's internet cafes, I'll be calmed by the balance we have found in the world and will fight the urge to giggle.

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