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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unsettling news in So Cal/where to find help

Local news has been reporting of what seems to me a senseless tragedy which occurred this morning in Wilmington, CA (about 25 miles southwest of where I am).

The most detailed reporting you'll get on this is coming, obviously, from the TV station to which the father/husband faxed and called with his intentions.

However, the most responsible reporting of something this disturbing is being done by one of our two AM all-news stations.  In addition to keeping things brief, they place a link near the top of the story to local emergency mental health agencies, a contact number for a "worksource center" and a toll-free number to a local group which can provide "referrals to counselling (sic), financial assistance, food and shelter".  

It is getting far too easy to remain isolated, even in a part of the country with nearly 10 million people inside its county's borders.  

Click here for information on a nation-wide service to assist those who feel they are a danger to themselves (and, I presume, a danger to someone else, though this is not spelled out). Both a voice and a TTY toll-free number are listed.

If you just need a quick tension-release giggle (like I did), play this quickie song from the delightfully daffy God's Pottery (sorry -- can't find printed lyrics)

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