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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My first busy day in a while!

Hope you're digging the Stephanie Miller "bits".  As a gay man, it's a little peculiar to admit that I wake up to a woman five mornings a week -- still, it's true and it could only be Stephanie.

It's usually the start of a fart joke or her producer Chris Lavoie's "from the bottom of his toes" high-pitched giggle that jumps me out of bed.  It's rather disturbing to fall back to sleep after hearing that (I know because I've tried).


It didn't occur to me at 7:30 this morning that I would be away from home for nearly 7 hours today (not done since this day last month!).  The day started like any other, with a walk for the dogs and a small cup of coffee.  My partner told me he had barely slept overnight because of the usual aches and pains plus dealing with pulled teeth as he transitions to dentures.  He warned me that he would likely be asleep much of the day (which, was not true, but more on that later) and that he was fine with me skipping out to a movie if I wanted.

It's all the permission I needed.

I skipped out around 10 (with my partner fast asleep -- it lasted until 10 minutes after I left . . more later), took care of grocery shopping and went to see Slumdog Millionaire (it leaves me with Milk to see before 2/22/09 and that I'll have to do with my partner . . the consequences of not doing so are a little scary to ponder).

I'll spare you another review of the "feel-good movie of the year".  Suffice to say, if those that vote for the awards to be presented 2/22/09 are looking for something with an uplifting, romantic ending to match everyone renewed feelings of hope, then this movie's going to win a bunch more awards that night.

I checked messages as I left the theatre and got one from my partner at 10:15 am (so much for spending his day sleeping) saying I got a call regarding a job.  Once I slowed my heart rate down enough (that was exciting news!), I went to a store with Internet and Microsoft access to answer a seven-page form e-mailed from another potential employer.  It took me 90 minutes to complete it as it was filled with open ended questions -- the sort you might get in a face-to-face job interview

I called the woman back who woke my partner up hours earlier.  She explained the job was temporary (OK).  Then, she explained it would last for "a month, maybe more" (all right . . .).  Then she said I would be upselling cel service to existing customers (hmm . . .).  When she got to the part where I'd be a scab, I quickly told her "Thanks, but no thanks." and hung up.

So far, I have enough saved where I don't have to chew and swallow my principles or my pride.

After a second grocery stop to prepare dinner, I was home by 5:30 pm tonight.  Gratefully, the big stuff is finally done for the day.  I have a stack of receipts to compile and a questionnaire to complete before I visit my CPA on Thursday night and more job openings e-mails to review.

At least today was not dull.  Tomorrow, though, is another day.

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