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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here we go again in the U.S.A

I list The Mudflats as a blog to check out not only because whomever writes this blog is quite talented, but also because what is happening in Alaska, traditionally a "red state", gives me a good idea how other "red states" in the union are handling the "you are on your own" attitude of their state's government.

Please check out a statement released by Bob Pope, who announced last week his intention to see the Democratic nomination for Governor in 2010 regarding what is happening in a remote village in Alaska

A quick glance at the blogs and media groups who have reported on this story shows me just how much the Republicans in this state genuinely care about their state's citizens, no matter where they are.  My hope is that Alaskans remember who responded to their requests for help and who turned their back on them come Election Day in November 2010.

Meanwhile, please click here -- this blogger lists some groups to whom you can reach out if you can spare something to help out.

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