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Thursday, January 15, 2009

One of my biggest fears

I freak out at some point anytime I travel by plane at some point during the flight.  When I hear the"ding" of a "Fasten Seat Belt" sign and see that phrase light up in the plane due to turbulence, it triggers the panic.  Once the turbulence subsides, I return to normal.

I was reasonably calm, however, watching the news earlier today about an emergency landing on the Hudson River near NYC.  That pilot - what a mensch!  The combination of an experienced crew, the heroics and common decency from the passengers and the rush to rescue everyone by boats already in the water makes the adjective "miraculous" seem insufficient to describe what happened.

I do not know if watching all of this has stopped the in-flight feelings of fear I get.  If nothing else, I've got the website I referenced here for future review and will figure out someway, sometime to overcome the worst of my fears.

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