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Monday, January 5, 2009

. . and a much better afternoon!

Got out of the house this afternoon and cleared my head a bit. Getting the unemployment check didn't hurt my outlook any, either.  On my way back home, however, there was a swarm of LA County Sherrif's Deputy patrol cars at the corner nearby the apartment complex, plus another couple of cars at the next block, preventing me from parking in the complex AND a circling helicopter.  Even for our neighborhood, this was excessive!

I'll try keeping an eye on the 'net to see if this event warranted any coverage.

Also was enjoying watching a new Olbermann tonight.  Very cool quick story he did on this fellow in New Zealand and on some outrageously pricey upgrading to the Secretary of the Interior's office.  So nice to see the world is spinning around as always ?

1 comment:

Randy said...

Oh, dear. Sounds like someone didn't pay his rent on time! :P

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