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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A DUH moment: AMP Motorworks

Was watching BBC America World News just now and they interviewed a man named Steve Burns from a company called AMP Motorworks.  Mr. Burns is in Washington DC at the moment trying to get a meeting with Congress to ask for a loan from the government.

Click here to read a summary of what AMP Motorworks does.  From what I saw in the interview, I see just a couple of hurdles to clear.  First, the conversion of a Saturn Sky's internal combustion engine to an electric drive train costs $25,000.00.  That price is steep for most car owners.  For those who can afford the cost, once the Sky is brought into their shop, the conversion takes all of two days.  Mr. Burns told the interviewer that he actually has a waiting list to get cars converted.

The other hurdle to clear is for apartment dwellers like me who do not have electrical outlets in the parking lot -- there is no where to plug in the car!  However, if enough people with electrical outlets in their garages and carports demand this conversion, perhaps apartment home owners can be convinced to wire parking lots for electrical outlets.

So, for just how many billions is Mr. Burns asking?

$20 million

Yes, twenty million dollars. All of 0.13% of what was offered to the big 3 American car companies.

I'm ready to make that loan.

1 comment:

J said...

Better than a loan, wouldn't we all gladly donate what it would cost for a tank of gas right now?

AMP would set up a PayPal account for receiving such "donations".

Hey, isn't that kind of how the change in direction in US politics came about in 2008?

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