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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Drowning and loving it!

I posted a challenge I made a couple of days ago to find at least five honest currently-serving U.S Senators and/or U.S. Representatives.

I just finished sifting through six different scorecards of the 110th Congress and have had underscored for me a few things most political junkies already know:
  1. Give me an issue and I can tell you how any Senator or Representative will vote.  
  2. There are Liberal issues and Conservatives issues.  This was personally disappointing and posed the biggest challenge to determining honesty.  What I am seeing is that there are legislators who "vote the party line" (scorecards are virtually the same) and those who are more inclined to vote using other means
  3. What does "Other Means" mean?  See below.
I have narrowed the list of 535 voting legislators down to 11 Senators and 99 Representatives who, just based on the scorecards I reviewed, I would consider "honest".  I know these numbers will change as I review their biographies, controversies, affiliations, etc.  I have also determined that I can easily find at least 10 "honest" Senators and 44 "honest" Representatives (10% from each chamber) and hope to find more than that.

Here are the organizations whose scorecards I used:  Human Rights Campaign, League of Conservation Voters, the ACLU, and the Computer & Communications Industry Association (all of which seem to favor Democrats).  I chose the National Taxpayers Union and the National Federation of Independent Businesses who favor Republicans.

And, I'm even finding time to do other things!  I'll be going to the Crossing later today to support my sister-in-law as she becomes a lay counselor for her church as well as going to my own church tomorrow.  I'll need all the blessings I can get!

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