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Saturday, January 31, 2009

All around the blogosphere for 1/31/09

So much on-line drew my attention today -- lots of things going on in the world.  I just didn't feel there was anything happening that needed my own unique take.

I will admit to watching interviews of Ted Haggard and his wife with brief appearances by one (Larry King Live) or two (Oprah) of his children upon the premiere on HBO of the documentary "The Trials of Ted Haggard".  From my point of view as a Christian and a gay man, I started by feeling angry then just sad for the whole lot of them.  Every other LGBT person I know is on an ongoing journey with their sexuality and how that is expressed.  My prayer is that Ted continues his journey, continues to choose honesty over deceit with himself and his family and realize that Christianity and being gay are not mutually exclusive.  I have for years considered my sexuality as a gift from God, separating me from most so I can be most available to be of help.

Along those lines, here's what caught my eye today:

Embracing Two Spirit Traditions:  A point of view and a group that sheds light on the gift and responsibility of being different. 

Mt. Redoubt:  Some odd things are possible in Alaska any day now.  And, no, none of it has to do with its current governor

Weekly Presidential Address:  Video with Captions plus the text of speech are available.  A good recap of goings on between Congress and the White House with a hint as to what we might see in the coming week of Presidential politics.

"And that's the word":  When I watch the Colbert Report, I spend most of my time laughing hysterically and the rest of the time shaking my head at the silliness.  Once in a while, the humor comes with a sharp bite that turns fits of laughter into more head shaking.  The clip below, one of his "The Word" segments, is case in point:

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