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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Favorite bit of TV from today

Yeah, I'm kind of a train buff, but that was not what I'll remember from today.  Hearing the speeches was fine -- I didn't even get bothered with Obama giving the same speech (more or less) in Wilmington and Baltimore.  That said, the speeches were not my favorite part of today.

Watching the coverage in Baltimore today was terrific.  The favorite part of the day for me was a blessing given by Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley prior to Obama's introduction.  The blessing was actually a poem by John O'Donohue entitled "A Blessing for One Who Holds Power".  (The Governor skipped the first two lines, btw)

Best thing about the poem that is really could be dedicated to anyone, even me!  I'll meditate on that one a bit and post something after tomorrow's concert.

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