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Friday, January 16, 2009

Just finished digesting this article about selections from a speech Pastor Rick made in 2005 in Anaheim Stadium.   Frankly, I'm a bit shaken up after reading this, but not for what is in the article itself.

Pastor Rick choosing the groups he did in his talk was not accidental.  My guess is he meant to inspire the type of fiery passion in the attendees as did leaders and text in government revolution in the past century.  I did agree with one point in the article about Pastor Rick's choices of role model -- I don't recall Jesus and the Apostles being quite as militant as Pastor Rick alludes.  Everything I have read points to Ghandi and MLK Jr. as being more similar in spirit to Jesus et. al. 

What shook me the most was the comments posted about the article.  It does remind me of the need for people who have philosophical differences to be able to cite past published works to substantiate their claims -- otherwise, such opinions are reduced to nothing but the ravings of a lunatic.

I am so looking forward to Tuesday's Inauguration; however, I will do my best to be mindful of who is speaking and what they are communicating.  Tuesday's events look to be one of the most viewed across the globe and there is such a strong need to be responsible in actions and words.

And that responsibility falls to those of us watching as well.

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