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Saturday, January 24, 2009

President Obama's first weekly address

Yeah, I still can't shake that goofy grin I've had since Tuesday. President Obama's first Saturday morning address outlines the new economic recovery plan.

You may also want to visit http://www.whitehouse.gov for the text of the speech and a link to a more formal looking report, which again just outlines the proposal while providing not much more detail.

To be fair, as it is just a proposal and not yet passed by the legislator, I'm not sure posting all the fine print would be of any help to anyone.  So, once the package is passed, the site http://www.recovery.gov will permit all of us to see how the money in the package is being spent.

I would love it if it all works out well. Some at the White House have already been grumbling about the technology struggles and Republicans have already begun posturing about the plan.  It's still too early in the administration to know if Obama has earned the clout to back up his "I Won" comment and ultimately get what he and Democrats in the Legislature want.

Don't be shy about providing comments and suggestions at the White House's website I noted above.  I won't be.

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