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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Praise / letting go

By 10 am nearly every Sunday, I'm sitting in church, legs folded in the half lotus position, eyes closed and my mind as quiet and still as possible.  Fortunately, I've gone to the same church over 16 years so I only get the odd stare from visitors.  By the time the pastor greets the congregation, I've completed the meditation.

I read a lot of varying opinion on religion in general in the blogosphere.  I am blessed to be a member of a church who accepts me as I am and celebrates my being there as it celebrates all who are in the Sanctuary.  Many of the congregation (including me from time to time) bring their pain, hurt, confusion and anger in the door with them.

When I have the chance either to serve Communion and/or conduct the Family Prayer time, I always invite those in the congregation who hold on to this negative energy to let it go, drop it where they sit/stand and get loose of the chains that hold them back from a closer relationship to God.

Here is where I'll tie faith/spirituality (assuming "religion" to be a human construct) in to politics.

I'm about to relax with lunch and watch the Inaugural Celebration from the Lincoln Memorial. One of the performers is Mary J Blige.  While, apparently, she sings a cover of "Lean on Me", the song of hers that kept bouncing around my head the last few hours is "No More Drama".  Below is her performance of "No More Drama" at the Grammy Awards.  The song came about after her own trials and tribulations years earlier and, to me, is a "let it go" anthem. (Click here for lyrics)

The drama we stoke for our own entertainment needs to quickly die out.  There will be time once we all are through such a turbulent time in our country's history, to get out all the emotions.  We have work to be done.  But for now, enjoy the music!

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