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Friday, January 9, 2009

Why Are the Media More Interested in Blago Than in Unraveling the Bailout Mystery?

Since becoming unemployed October 29, 2008, I have been searching for another job in my field, Customer Service. I took the plunge just after the Elections and started by own blog, commenting on various things as they piqued my interest. I am even trying to sort through voting backgrounds, scandals, reported financial transactions, etc., to determine who in Congress could be considered "honest". Not surprisingly, the research is going slow and is quite mind-numbing.

If I've got one relatively easy-to-find research project going in between e-mailing my resume here and there, I'm sure I can start a second one to find out where the bailout money has gone to date.

Everyone posting here, I assume, regularly surfs the Internet. I'll have some faith that the answer to the big question "Where'd the money go?" is out there somewhere, and start hunting.

Who's with me? I know at least 70% of everyone here is much sharper at rooting through the tangle of words to find nuggets of truth and data. Leaving it up to an amateur like me is quite a risky bet
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