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Friday, January 23, 2009

I have returned

I was booted out of Facebook twice during Tuesday's Inauguration and, after the second boot at 8:45 am Pacific, decided to give up on the grand experiment.

Then, my DSL modem crapped out on me.  I got a new modem and had to call for support a second time when the installation software didn't work as planned.  So, I've been off the internet for a little more than two days.

I cried  three times Tuesday morning.  I cannot count the number of times I broke out in a goofy grin when I heard "President Obama" or "former President Bush" spoken.  It still has not gotten old.

I've taken a survey of my favorite blogs and have the advantage of two days off from the 'net.  So, I've noticed some things, I hope, others have not:

Why is the fact that Palin put the clothes she got from the RNC into garbage bags making news in the Huffington Post?  I went to The Mudflats and, surprise, this was not even noted.  Much more interesting stories about the fuel shortages to remote villages in Alaska and their new senior U.S Senator.

Two of my favorite sites have stories on a famous right wing talk show host and statements he's made about President Obama in recent days.  Check out Raw Story's version, which is really more about The Daily Show's take on what happened.  And here I was was actually worried that Jon Stewart would all of a sudden have to result to jugglers or something to keep the funny going after the Inauguration -- need not have worried !

I'm spending the rest of today going through more job postings and trying to catch up with friends on-line.  With any luck, I can hold off on watching more political goings-on until this evening.

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