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Thursday, January 1, 2009

How I spent my first day of 2009

I can tell you first how I didn't spend it: reading all of my favorite political blogs!  Nope, not one story - only skimmed headlines before realizing everyone was taking today off.

After cleaning up, I grabbed the "honey do" list and hit the road.  Per request from my partner, I bought a page-a-day 2009 calendar (apparently, he cannot function with just the weekly planner for 2009 I bought at Target last week.  But, as he is chief money saver in the family, mine is not to question . . ).  I even treated myself to a short paper back novel, "The Road".  On the one hand, it won the Pulitzer in 2007.  On the other, this was an Oprah Book Club pick.  I feel so brave right now !

I then took in a movie.  In deference to my partner's desire to see all the awards movies with me in the next couple of months, I went to see "The Spirit".  The movie just looks freaking cool!  The dialogue is cornball and most of the 20-something dudes in the theatre (yeah, it was me and a bunch of other dudes nearly half my age) were chuckling along with me.  The dialogue was intentionally cornball and fit the look of the movie. 

Samuel L. Jackson was awesomely over-the-top as the bad guy Octopus!  This was the first time I remembered seeing Gabriel Macht in a movie and it sure won't be the last - wow-wee what a fine lookin' fellah!  And it was also the first time I remember Eva Mendes in a movie - wow, I questioned my own sexuality many times as I was watching her -- fun role and vampy/sexy as well.

Was what I felt today what straight dudes feel when they see Brad Pitt in a movie?  Well, no permanent damage done and, if I'm not worried, what might a straight dude be worried about thinking Brad was sooo hot in whatever movie he was in ?

Just a few hours ago, I had a nice round of on-line canasta and chit-chat with my buddy Randy. Earlier today I read up on the character Palpatine from the Star Wars movies as Randy offered Palpatine as a fascinating politician . . intelligent, manipulative and ultimately gobbling up as much power as he could stand and then some.  I created my own challenge to find five current U.S Representatives and/or U.S. Senators who, for the majority of their time in office, have used their power/influence for the greater good.  I have a starter list in my head and look forward to doing the legwork to build this list and, of course, will post the list here with rationale for my choices.

Isn't everyone's New Year's Day this busy ?

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Randy said...

Just so you don't think that I admire what Palpatine did (and I do not; the guy was entirely evil, like Hitler on steroids), I will point out something:

I see many parallels between Palpatine and current politicians.

But unlike the current crop of hooligans, he didn't take advantage of a political crisis; he created a series of them that gave him the opportunity to take charge.

God help us if we ever wind up with a master manipulator like that in Congress. Some of the current occupants of that body are a tad crafty and scheming, but at least they don't have the intelligence to act like that.


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