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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Helping out

Rather than post a rant, complaint, a piece of snark or a diva-licious melt-down over Macy's closing 11 of its stores (first Mervyn's, now Macys? . . oh, yeah, I promised myself I wouldn't do this . .), I want to give you a link to a blog post that serves as a challenge and a website that may be of help to someone.

I read Obama's speech from earlier today to my partner, then went to Huffington Post to see what range of opinion had been posted.  Instead, my eye was drawn to a post by Ms. Huffington with a video-creation competition.

Having not had my post published on her site, I think a 90 second video of myself will most certainly be included in the montage.  OK, maybe I need to meditate on that a bit longer.  This does not mean that you don't have a winning idea for a video, so I say go for it !


I opened the latest print issue of the Advocate (which is now a monthly mag, but we'll still get the same number of issues in the subscription we have remaining).  I found an advertisement for a group I did not know existed for everyone: www.GLBTNationalHelpCenter.org.  It's not just for teens or for those who are asking questions about their sexuality -- it promises to provide "supportive peer-counseling and information to tens of thousands of people struggling with coming-out issues, relationship concerns,and safer-sex questions".  

I don't know anyone who could not benefit from a visit to that site.  Note to self:  visit the site later on.  

Another note to self: keep an eye out for someone who could not benefit from a visit to that site

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