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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mama gets overshadowed by the guy who used to wear bow ties ?

And, by "Mama", I mean the affectionate term fans of Stephanie Miller (like me) use to address her during her daily political/humor radio show.

I recorded CNN's "Reliable Sources" this morning with a short cup of coffee and waited to see Mama set up and knock down the host and pundits with her sharp commentary and goofy humor.

Sadly, all the accounts written talk about Tucker Carlson and all of the shrieking he did about Jon Stewart.  Does he get that the comedy dude should not have to be a news reporter AND that someone who works on an all financial news channel should not mostly be know for the comedy?  I'd safely say that those fans of The Daily Show (like me) are fully aware that Stewart is all about the comedy yet is sharp enough to use the news to create the comedy.

Huffington Post has the transcript of the exchange -- just look for MILLER in the transcript to read what Stephanie contributed.  Again, so very odd to watch this and have the very funny lady have to deliver the most insightful commentary on this guest spot on an all-news channel.

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