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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Metallica: Ride The Lightning (song 14)

Years ago, there was a bluegrass tribute to Metallica album released.  Is there nowhere Metallica's influence cannot be found?  Well, OK, I can't find a hip-hop nor a tejano tribute to Metallica (nor a song from either genre which covers a Metallica song or even samples from Metallica).

So, with that said, it looks like my music career track should include a stop in the lucrative hip-hop/tejano Metallica cover.  I'll be pefectin' my beats and sharpenin' my rhymes and will let you know when I've got it all worked out.  (Please, don't hold your breath, everyone).

The bluegrass version of "Ride the Lightning" is actually quite good.  Great fun listening to a truly "alternative" version of the lyrics (complete with harmony on the chorus!)

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