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Sunday, March 22, 2009

All around the blogosphere for 3/22/09

A "leftover" from yesterday's events:

In between protesters, police, tourists and residents, pairs of people were quickly hustling in, out and around as part of The Great Urban Race.  Something of a cross between a scavenger hunt and CBS' "The Amazing Race", I kept seeing stranger and stranger costumes from the race's participants.  The walls finally cracked when I saw a young Asian male duo both dressed as Power Rangers (one blue with the hood encasing the head and the other in yellow with the hood down).  I could not stop laughing in the midst of the light rail station and didn't let the odd stares bother me.

On a more serious note:

News from Raw Story:   a woman recovering from surgery related to cancer is suing one of the bailed out banks for wrongful termination.  I liked that her goal seems mostly to create awareness of the needs of employees on disability within the Human Resources department of the bank.

I've known far too many family members who battled with cancer.  I cannot imagine having to wrestle with the physical and emotional challenges of cancer AND having to stress over losing my job which provides my disability income and health insurance.  Shame on this bank!  She seems well on her way to having her day in court based on what is in the article and I cannot wait to see her victorious!

Oh, what a shocker?

In comparison to bonuses paid to the banks' Financial department employees AND the money paid to banks based outside of the U.S., the dollar amounts are miniscule.  Still, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck . .

More grist for the mill: 

The Boston Herald published an Op-Ed from Bill O'Reilly about an article that has not been written yet, only talked about in front of an audience at a university.  So much has been published about so many of the activities of the previous administration (there are more coming this week) -- couldn't O'Reilly have (been fed) formed an opinion on something there?

Well, if nothing else, tomorrow or Tuesday's Countdown airing will give Olbermann a chance to whip out the O'Reilly (bumbling Mary Tyler Moore news buffoon Ted Baxter) impression.  Why is this just so easy to do?

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