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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Metallica: Favorite song #6 "My Apocalypse"

The "Damage Inc." and "Dyer's Eve" of Metallica's new album "Death Magnetic", "My Apocalypse" always gets my head a'bangin' and gives my car's dashboard a real workout (lyrics here).

The few "Making Of" clips I've seen for "Death Magnetic" have been quite interesting.  A much more mature, calm and professional band is presented (not sure if this is just selective editing or a genuine change in attitude).  And, yes, the "tradition" of scratch lyrics are here in this clip:
For a whole other look at the innards of a very popular rock band in the midst of crisis, check out "Some Kind of Monster".  It was originally going to be a "Making Of' documentary on their last album "St. Anger", but it evolved into a voyeuristic testament to ego out of control and the struggle to find the sprit of a young metal band lost way too many years ago.  Fuse is airing the documentary several times this week, so no excuses for not checking it out, even if you HATED "St. Anger" (the fact that no songs from St. Anger are on my list should tell you something of my opinion).

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