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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some WTF items

With thanks to my buddy Randy, The New York Times catches something not talked about on TV (hmm.  if it's not talked about on TV . . . oh, that's right, there's a lot of things not talked about on TV).  Seemingly, in preparation for an increase in troops and civilians into Afghanistan, two formerly separated groups are now talking about uniting.  And, no, it's not Male Beauty of The Middle East

You're Welcome !


PepsiCo (which includes Tropicana juice, Quaker Oats and other brands) is being boycotted by a conservative group in response to PepsiCo's donation of half-a-million dollars to "Straight for Equality".

Happily, if it doesn't come out of my kitchen sink's tap, it now comes from PepsiCo.  While I'm at it, I'll take my animated comedy now only from Seth McFarlane and will do my best to not miss any Pepsi commercial from now on.  Ahh, the sacrifices we bloggers demand from our readers.


Speaking of blogs, do you enjoy reading first-person account, opinion adorned writing from your favorite blogs?  Are you enjoying the freedom of movement amongst any crowd anonymous bloggers enjoy by remaining anonymous (like yours truly)?

If so, then what happened to one of my favorite anonymous bloggers yesterday has lit up quite the firestorm amongst political bloggers, their fans and supporters.  In the coming days, their server will be vastly improved, so don't be surprised if it takes a while to load the page on the first link in this paragraph.

I write here because I enjoy it even though I receive no money for any of this.  AKMuckraker has turned a passion into one of the best blogs out there, building a vast network of fans and fellow bloggers.  Once you read the posting linked to above, please offer words of encouragement, write to any one of the links supplied by those who posted comments and/or join the forum, as I did.

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