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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Metallica: Favorite song #8 "Unforgiven III " AND "Holier Than Thou" (#7)

I was having way too much fun yesterday catching up with on-line friends and helping out my partner with (yikes!) his first set of dentures.  I never would have guessed as a teen metal head that I would have ever written the previous sentence as anything but fiction!

So, I've got two more Metallica favorites today.

From the new record, "Death Magnetic", is Unforgiven III.  The title makes me (and probably every other Metallica fan) cringe as the first two "Unforgiven" songs were more like the "muzak" produced by the Moody Blues in the 80's.

Boy, were we all surprised to find the word "Unforgiven" nowhere in this newest song in the series.  "III" also has lyrics that sound more like poetry than cliche and James' singing is some of his best!   

I also like it when fans can synch up music with visuals.  And, the fan-made video below uses some popular movie images and synchs nicely with the words.  Enjoy!


For "Holier Than Thou", I found a cover from Testament.  These guys were well poised in the '80's to be yet another metal band with the chops to keep up with the heaviest of the bunch.  Yahoo has an interesting biography on Testament, and it's an interesting story of what should have been.

In spite of their story, their cover of this tune from the Black Album is pretty good.  And, the dig on the heads of organized religion has always been fun for me to sing out loud (with me, faith is essential -- organized religion should be judged by the men in charge of that religion).

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