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Monday, March 30, 2009

One more nail in the coffin

I was trying to find text of an essay read on Mike Malloy's radio show this past Wednesday from the point of view of a soldier on guard duty in Iraq in 2004, but I've had no luck finding it!

I have found in the Opinion section of the Washington Post this rather lengthy article once again making the case that torture of prisoners does not turn up any useful intelligence.  Early last month, I posted links to a case of rendition.

And now Spain is putting together a case to try six of Bush 43's administration for war crimes.

An arraignment, Grand Jury indictment, a trial of these six and those above them in the previous administration, needs to start almost immediately here in the U.S.

Enough stalling, posturing and every thing else-ing.  Our country now has an opportunity to reassert ourselves as a leader in human rights and justice.

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