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Monday, March 30, 2009

Metallica: Favorite song #5 "So What"

One of my little joys is belting out this song in my car driving with the windows rolled and the A/C cranked up.  Both the A/C and the lyrics to my favorite song which Metallica has covered, "So What", are decidedly politically incorrect.

The original version, by The Anti-Nowhere League, is actually quite good, though the band is supposed to be punk, they look a little more like a hair band and, for a punk band, the sound is quite slick.

Here's Metallica's slightly more punk version of the tune from about 10 years ago (my best guess).  If you haven't managed a laugh yet this week, try screaming along to the lyrics (just make sure you're someplace soundproofed or far enough away from others)

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