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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Police: Ill. pastor deflected gunshot with Bible

God was, and is, comforting the congregation and staff at the church, giving those who need to cry a shoulder to lean on, strength for those who need to be of help and, because I'm not in charge of this, I'll assume the Pastor is in Heaven.

Like any parent, God gives comfort when we hurt and ask for God's help. Sometimes, God even cries along with us if we need it. Also, like most good parents, God doesn't stay two steps ahead to grab us at the first sign of a stumble. How else to learn to walk but to fall down every now and then?

Any pastor/reverend worth their salt will tell you they have doubted God, gotten angry at God and have been odds with God from time to time, as would any true Christian.

I'm going to visit their website and leave a message of sympathy. I'll then trust that God will guide those who need to read all the messages and, if nothing else, know they are not alone.

I'll also pray that the response to this horrible act is kindness, openness, generosity and an opportunity to let go of anger and pain.
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