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Monday, March 9, 2009

Adventures in job hunting, part 2

I had my first "second interview" earlier today since I began the job search in late October 2008.  All I can say is that for a position with no management responsibilities, I still cannot figure out why I had to spend two and a half hours talking to four different managers.

Even with that, I still appreciated the experience of interviewing.  I finally realized that I spend a lot of time in interviews answering what should be fairly routine interview questions.  My guess is that I either babble when nervous or, because I'm nervous, I use a lot of words when just a few will do.

The last interviewer forced me to answer with two adjectives only on two of her questions.  It was a mirror in to which I needed to "look".


Lots of politics/science/religion news to digest, but I need to detour for tonight.  I found this 80 second clip on BBC's news website about a melee which broke out in Bogota, Columbia.

And it's not what you might expect for a violent outburst in Columbia.  The problem started when fans of the band Iron Maiden busted past temporary barriers before a concert.  Here's the story.

Iron Maiden was the first band I saw live for which I bought a ticket.  I had seen a rock concert a few years earlier; however, my uncle was the drummer in a local band, so I kind of had more of a backstage pass.  That was the same summer I was introduced to one of the best rock albums of all time, Rush's "Moving Pictures" and I seemed to have not stopped trying to find the band that can top them.

I did hear a song released just a few months ago and it is now starting to get some airplay:  The Last Vegas "I'm Bad".  I could have sworn that the singer was the original singer for the '80's hair-metal band Ratt.  I got educated on the band pretty quick.  The sound reminds me a lot of that hair-band sound while mixing in present day rock music (lyrics here).  Enjoy!

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