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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Walking Your Talk: How Do You Treat A Waitress?

I've worked in Call Centers most of my adult life. The same rule regarding how food servers are treated applies to those who place a call to a company and speak to someone like me. Everyone I worked with went out of their way to help when the caller treated them with respect. Conversely, I could tell when a caller was being rude and/or arrogant just by reading the Rep's face during the conversation and I knew the service level would be far less from the Rep.

This post nicely ties together so much of what is happening in the news as of late. I'm watching the California Supreme Court hear arguments on whether or not to oveturn Proposition 8. The whole issue boils down to how the minority is regarded by 52.5% of votes cast. The LGBT community has the unique property of taking disrespect and turning it into action, demonstration and displays of love and human kindness. I challenge everyone to take this notion and apply it to your favorite news post on HuffPo and see how your perspective on the issue changes.
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