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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alabama and Baden-Wuerttemberg

Other than both states being in southern part of their respective countries (the U.S and Germany), until a few days ago there was not too much that they had in common.

Sadly, this week, they both experienced brutal and shocking tragedies

For both, according to the articles, their last tragedy occurred in 2002.

When those in the blogosphere attempt to tie these two events together and, inevitably, ask something like "Is this a sign of worse things to come?"

I was compelled on Monday to write a bit about the growing population of unemployed and how, in between job searches and interviews, they are also a growing base of volunteers.  Germany, as well as other European countries, is also experiencing rising unemployment.

It seems to me that the message I wrote on Monday could be applied to those in Germany as well.

Though, unlike in Alabama, the troubled soul in Germany was a teenager, the issue of gun control could find its way back into the news.  As I usually see things from a liberal perspective, I could make a decent argument for further gun control.

However, any gun, entirely on its own, cannot fire itself.  

What could we all do to help those with anger, frustration, fear and a sense of helplessness become convinced that grabbing and using a weapon on family, friends and co-workers is not the way to recover from those negative emotions?

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