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Friday, March 20, 2009

Goings on way up north / preparation

Haven't been reading The Mudflats recently?  Last evening's "Bedtime . . " post was a very interesting collection of tidbits.  For starters, there's a note on a celebration upcoming in Auburn NY that has nothing to do with Alaska but a lot to do with Alaska's current governor, then another gathering scheduled for tomorrow, then yet another ethics scandal brewing -- this time one Republican versus another.

The post wraps with an update on the current hunting wolves from airplanes in Alaska situation, a possible Senatorial match up for next year, the race for Anchorage AK's next governor and a link to a fellow Mudflats follower.

That's a whole lot of news from a state with less than 700,000 citizens.  So, what am I missing living in L.A. County with 14 times the population?

With that in mind, you may have noticed the little badge on the left side of the screen for an event happening tomorrow.  I have seen gatherings like this on C-SPAN in past years and haven't heard of any arrests nor seen any kind of violence at these types of things.  It will be only the 3rd time I have attended a protest march/rally of any sort.  There is, oddly enough, an easy-to-spot organization when I've been in the midst of these rallies/protests, so I'm quite calm about that.

My biggest curiosity is to see how many show up tomorrow and how many will be on the light rail with me as I go in to L.A. (the rally starts at an intersection right next to the light rail - very convenient!).  I'll have a digital camera with me, not that I expect to take many impressive photos (you've seen the photos of mine I have posted . . . I seem to love including the sky in everything).

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