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Monday, March 23, 2009

Metallica: Jump In The Fire - (song 12)

A little story to tell first:

One of the oddball memories of high school is asking one of my best friends one day to write out the lyrics to this song.  The vinyl LP (this was 1984, btw) did not come with lyrics and there were no web sites devoted to song lyrics (or music . . or entertainment.  Well, you get the idea).

He was only too happy to oblige.  If I still have that piece of notebook paper, it's well hidden away.  I also remember seeing a few sketches of the stage setup done by that same friend -- he had seen Metallica with a few other friends in January 1985 (at least as far as this t-shirt says -- he'll have to correct me himself).  It was practically like I had been there myself.

I did finally see Metallica for the first time in April 1986 and again on the Monsters of Rock tour at the L.A. Coliseum in 1989.  Though I'm a bit older now, I'm considering taking out the small loan now likely necessary to see them when they steam through So Cal in December.

I will pack the ear plugs, just in case.

Meanwhile, I found this "demo" version of Jump In The Fire.  Through the years, whenever I found an FM Rock station brave enough to play Metallica, they often would devote the start of an hour to several Metallica tunes at once.  It was there that I started to hear "demo" versions of my favorites.

I don't remember this version; however, the characteristic present in this version is the same I heard in other Metallica "demo" versions:  the music was basically there (just a little post-production and mixing needed), James' vocal style and melody was maybe 70 - 80% there and a couple of lines of chorus can be heard.

Same thing here -- the verses and much of the chorus is "blah blah blah"'d.  And, the final version is more professional.  But, it was just too cool to hear the raw beginnings of the band to pass up posting this version.

Oh, yeah, and METAL UP YOUR A** !!!

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