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Friday, March 13, 2009

The best band EVER -- 22 days 'til induction!

. . or, it would have been 22 if I had posted this about 2 hours ago.  Was having too much fun putting this together.

My favorite band ever is Metallica.  And, just one year after they qualified for induction, they will join all of the other greats in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 4.

I have ran through lists of songs on all of their albums and have come up with a list of 22 tunes that I would put on a "Greatest Hits" double CD.  So, at one song a night, I'll share a memory, link to a "making of" story, post a clip of a cover of the song or, as I have done tonight, find a You Tube clip of the band itself performing the song of the night.

Starting this countdown at # 22 is the last song on the original version of their very first full length album "Kill 'em All".  The clip appears to be from 1983 as lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist James Hetfield at one point holds the vinyl LP cover up and tells the crowd what the album was supposed to be titled and why the title was changed.

I've seen Metallica only twice.  My first time was in April 1986 . . and I'll save that story for later.

I remember three of my buddies had seen Metallica during the Kill 'em All tour -- it is likely that show in Northern VA (or D.C or Maryland) looked much like the one below.  Would love to get their story about that night posted somewhere on-line (if I hear from any of them, I'll link to their post).

Why start with this song?  Anyone who was fans of this band from the very beginning (I'll tell the story of my first time hearing Metallica later as well) will readily identify themselves as members of the Metal Militia.

(click here for lyrics, though I'm pretty sure some get forgotten in the performance and the last verse and chorus are dropped)

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