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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Metallica: Favorite song #9 "Master. . . " AND a bonus tune!

I was listening to Sirius/XM on my way to the public transportation.  Through mid-April, one of their music channels has been changed to  "Mandatory Metallica".

Yes, all Metallica music, all the time with no commercials and with clips of interviews from the band as well as fellow musicians and rabid fans with their favorite Metallica memory.

The channel even plays covers of Metallica original songs . . no matter into what genre the cover was recorded.

For instance, I heard a very unique version of Metallica's biggest hit song, "Enter Sandman".  The original isn't in my list anywhere -- I can appreciate the desire to and success of recording a hit song.  The song is just so "by the numbers" and pop-sounding, I just can't listen to Metallica's version of this song.

I can, though, enjoy The New Morty Show's version.  Hope you enjoy as well! (lyrics here)

I've listed the title track from the album "Master of Puppets" as my 9th favorite 'tallica tune.  Speaking of odd uses and versions of songs, I found a unique "punk" song which samples the main guitar riff from "Master . .".  Big time fans will find the riff easily.

There's just no limit to where Metallica's music reaches.

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