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Thursday, March 12, 2009

My days of unemployment are (hopefully) over!

I said "Yes!" to a job offer I received earlier today.  The job, pending my passing a background check, starts on 3/25/09.

Like many others who have been unemployed and found a new job recently, I had to take almost a 30% pay cut.  Even with that, the pay is still a little better than continuing to collect Unemployment.  The office is quite close to public transportation, so I should be able to keep my gasoline costs and car insurance costs down.  While my management chops will be sidelined for now, the company is in what appears to be a growth industry.

In this little sliver of the blogosphere, the only concern is that once I start the new job, I'd hate it if the volumne/quantity of writing slows way down or stops altogether.  Last time I wrote for my own pleasure was when I had a job which had several hours of down time during the day.  My hope is that the light rail rides will give me the chance to at least sketch out some ideas I can blog about here.

A whole new adventure awaits !

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