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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

News, really?

I miss new episodes of The Daily Show! Jon is back and I could not stop giggling over this.

Seriously, the best advice I have ever received on getting news came from one of my favorite liberal talk show hosts, Randi Rhodes.  I started listening to her years ago when she was on Air America.  On one of the first shows I heard, she admonished her audience to not rely on her show nor any talk show for news.  She routinely sources the blogs she posts on her site so you can read for yourself the piece of news she used to form her opinion.

So, watching Fox News and MSNBC for hard news? Probably not smart.  My suggestions?  Newshour on PBS, BBC News and/or the Christian Science Monitor (though be mindful of those companies who sponsor/advertise on these sites)

SPECIAL NOTE: If I have done this correctly, on the left should be a link to my buddy's blog: Randy's Blog.  Never shy about his opinion and never failing to have an educated opinion, I look forward to checking in on his blog in between government policy brainstorming sessions during games of Canasta.

What? Maybe if those in positions of power spent a little more time brainstorming over card games our country's issues may be a lot further along in being addressed and resolved.

1 comment:

Randy said...

I really like the fact that Ms. Rhodes tells listeners not to depend on her for news. That's an excellent sign of responsible journalism. Everyone has a slant, whether they admit it or not (or lie about it, like certain news agencies). She sounds like someone with her head firmly attached. Pity I can't understand what I hear over the radio.

Thank you for the link back, buddy. :) I'm sure we'll drive people nuts together *laughs*.

Maybe we can get a job as policy wonks, but I think I'd be fired within two weeks, after insulting and castigating every idiot politician that I see (and given that all politicians are idiots, well... make that two days!).

But, seriously, it's a pity that they don't listen to the common man anymore. They might even *gasp* learn something, like how to run things properly.

Onwards and upwards!

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