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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A little homework, a little humor

Homework:  Have CNN on as I write this post. Coming this Sunday at 1 pm Eastern, Fareed Zakaria will be interviewing Colon Powell.  The small clip I saw highlighted what Powell said about the Republicans' efforts to win the Presidential election last month and regarding the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy regarding gays in the military.  I've watched other episodes on previous Sundays and Zakaria does a terrific job asking thoughtful questions without resorting to screeching opinions.

And, the humor part?

Take yer pick:  

the ongoing Blagojevich scandal -- I recommend the side story on the wife.  He talks like Pollyanna compared to her!

Jon Stewart's interview of Mike Huckabee earlier this week. Click here for a kind wordpress blogger who prepared a transcript of  the second, and far more interesting half of the interview. Not so much humor in this, unless you account for the fact that Stewart is, first and foremost, a comedian.


A puzzler: an organization of journalists whose home base is outside of the U.S announced a list of individuals plus a list of movies from this year whom this organization thought were better than the rest this year.  If you can figure out who this is, you too can search with your favorite internet search engine and peruse the list yourself. I'm cool with some listed, scratching my head with others listed and am hopeful that this year's TV show announcing the best of the best will be chock full of glitz, glamor and gowns (unless a good percentage of those individuals on the list decide to support their union in an action scheduled for next month)

Funny, yes?

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